Here's some info about us:


Founder: Gary Scott

    Lives in Lethbridge, Alberta , Canada. He and his wife Vicky have raised their family here and love being a part of this city. 


     Gary is the idea man behind this product. One morning while getting ready for work he had what he calls "an inspirational thought" of a product that would be fun for youth and the next thought was what the product would be called.  He then created a very crude prototype using an old bike tire and a piece of gum and stuck a penny to it. His excitement was short lived as he was just starting a new career as a realtor and focused his energy into it.  

Several years later his business put him in touch with a man who was originally from China. This man made a comment one day that sparked Gary's interest in his idea again.  He said, "If you every want anything produced in China let me know because I have contacts there."  Gary then spent many hours in front of his computer using his graphic design skills creating mock ups of what he thought the product would look like and how he thought it could be designed.  Unfortunately his idea got put on hold again as he dealt with some financial struggles with his business struggling. He used this time to do some personal development by reading books and listening to audio training programs. It was a major test of his faith working through this difficult time but felt blessed to see God's hand in his life. In answer to prayers A different job came along and over time Gary was able to get back on his feet.  

     As he felt finances presented its self he was able to spend some money to get a designer to draw up CAD drawings of his Road Wrister idea which they tweaked until they were happy with the product design. He had talked to a company in China that works with people who himself who have ideas to develop and manufacture but all along he didn't feel comfortable about it and looked for a company in Canada to work with.   He had to put it on hold again while he started a new painting business and worked on building it up. He felt good about starting this business because he was talented in this skill and looking back has agreed that it was a good learning experience in running a business and managing people under him whose work he was responsible for. 

     It also brought him in touch with the next key player for his Road Wrister product. He painted a house for a lady whose family was just moving into Lethbridge. The last day of the job he was able to visit with her husband and it turned out that he had a business designing and manufacturing products and he has used manufacturers in China. Amazing! Exactly what Gary was looking for... not only was he in Canada but his own city.  Gary and Stephen have worked together to finalize the designs and to get a quote on production from a Chinese manufacturer.  One of the advantages of Gary's work is that he can put an ear bud in and listen to books while he works and one that he recently listened too was an inspiration.  It's "The Power of Broke" by Damion John from Shark Tank.

Gary says he could totally relate to this book  and it totally inspired him to chase after his dream and it's what helped him decide to use the crowd funding approach to raising money to get his company started.  

     Gary says he's experienced highs and lows and feels he has learned valuable lessons from every experience. He's excited about the next chapter of his story and to see how God's blessing continue to guide his progress. 


     We want to create fun and creative products for youth to enjoy.  We also want to help provide opportunities for growth and personal development in youth through programs and incentives. 

     On the business side we want to provide employment for people who are not commonly able to find employment. We'll provide training and personal development so they'll be more valuable to other employers when they leave our company. 


     Education is important to Gary.  After graduating high school and working for a while he got married and then went to the Lethbridge College and received a Business Management Diploma.  
     He then worked for a couple years and went on to get a Business Management Degree from the University of Lethbridge.  His major is Management Information Systems where he learned to analyze businesses and design and create a database system to help the business operate more efficiently.  

     He also loves marketing, graphic design, and desktop publishing and has experience in creating marketing programs for companies. 

Business Background

     Out of university he and a friend started a company doing Database Development.
He then got on teaching business classes at the Lethbridge College where he taught part time for 7 yrs.  His business partner moved to another city so they shut down their business.
    To supplement his teaching he started a business as a realtor and built his business and managed his team for 5 yrs.  Then due to market changes it was time to move on.

     He worked as a Corporate Trainer for a national trucking company where he trained employees on their computer system. He learned their system and then developed an extensive training system to cut training down considerably and increase new hire retention. 

     Gary has also started a painting company doing new home painting and existing home repaints. He has developed a good reputation in this trade and built his business enough to hiring and manage several crews. 

     Gary has had experience in several industries and feels that diverse experience is valuable to running a business and looks forward to bringing his education and experiences to his Road Wrister business. 

Community Involvement

      Gary has been active for years in his community working with youth as a coach in Baseball, Soccer, Football, and Basketball.  

He has been a  basketball official for 25 yrs at the high school and college levels.  

He was on the board at the Chinook Regional Hospital Foundation for 8 yrs. 

He is actively involved in his church and feels strongly that it's important to give to the community that we live in. 

The Team - I have teamed up with very talented people.

Stephen Davies:  D5Holdings

They specialize in  

- consumer and industrial product design

- domestic and overseas manufacturing 

- global product sourcing 

Ivan Loewen: trailDESIGN

They specialize in

- design and drafting

- rendering and animation