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GET REWARDED for telling your friends

 Tell your friends about us and when they SIGN UP you'll earn a free Road Wrister Sticker.

When you sign up let us know who referred you.

Your Code Name and email go in the first two fields. In the  message box tell us who referred you by entering their Code Name and email address.

If you want to refer your friends then Add an address that we can mail your sticker to. (this can be updated later if you want)

REWARDS for Friends signed up:
1 - 4:  1 Sticker

5+ :  1 free emblem (when available)

There is a referral sheet you can print out to give to your friends or attach it to an email. (see below) There will be a list posted so you can see who is being referred by whom. * All information is kept strictly confidential.

Referral Sheet to give out

You can down load and print this document

You can print this page to give to your friends. Put your Code Name on it so they know who referred them.
When they sign up for free they can add your code name and email address (it has to be the same ones you signed up with)

Referral Sheet

Hand out a referral sheet to all your friends and get them to  sign up for free to be on the list.
When they add you as their referral friend you'll get rewarded.

Road wrister referral rewards (pdf)